Ross Sieber has been involved with photography for over 20 years with a serious focus on event photography in digital format for the past 10 years. The release of the first Sony CD and memory stick based cameras contributed greatly to my skills with events after realizing that spending $200 in film and processing for a single weekend and weeks doing scanning and retouching was not the way to work. Current developments in digital SLR cameras and the comeback of film as an art have allowed me to expand beyond the stage and into a wide variety of forms including indoor and outdoor sports and other events, landscapes, cityscapes and artistic works of all kinds. My formal education is in the information technology field which permits a greater appreciation and understanding for digital photography and a digital studio.

I am currently based near Wilmington, Delaware but can be found around Central Pennsylvania on many weekends. This location is crucial as it puts me within an hour of Philadelphia, and 2-3 hours from most parts of Central Pennsylvania, and the Baltimore, New York and Washington DC metro areas. The best part of being a freelance photographer with a largely digital back-end and no formal studio is I have the ability to travel to any location and can quickly setup anywhere whether it's a city shoot, school, a remote park or a formal shoot in a major city.

The majority of my skills are self-taught and come from being out in the field shooting. As time allows, I further my research through online photo communities and attending seminars on equipment and techniques.

Professional memberships

Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

PPA Mission Statement:
To be the leader in the dissemination of knowledge in the areas of professional business practices and creative image-making, and to define and maintain the industry's standards of excellence.

Every summer and every holiday season there are many stories in the news about photographers that have disappeared and clients that never receive their albums or worse yet never receive any of their photos at all. As a PPA member, I am dedicated to ongoing learning in my field and producing top quality works in all fields and fully acting within the PPA Code of Ethics. Also as a PPA member I have access to a network of photographers nationwide so I can both provide referrals and have a backup in the event of an emergency that would not allow me to fulfill my commitment to my clients.

Plus Coalition

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Mission Statement:
To simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights.

This helps protect my works and the works of other photographers and artists in both the short and long term. The Plus Coalition also works toward the preservation of digital content which is very important considering that the majority of works are produced and/or delivered digitally and without a film master.

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