I rely largely on the Canon EOS series of digital and film SLR cameras for the versatility and support afforded to photographers and the easy availability of specialty lenses from various rental agencies. The majority of my work is shot in digital format due to the nature of event photography and the need to shoot and preview hundreds of images while on site.

Film is sometimes used as a supplement when it best suits the nature of the scene or when a certain effect is called for such as infrared film. I use professional films from Kodak, Ilford and others, and all processed film is scanned using the Nikon 5000 ED. This is the same scanner used by many of the popular websites that offer scanning and restoration services. All film and slides are handled and stored in in accordance with Library of Congress standards and returned to the customer in archival quality storage materials. Materials are never shipped overseas, and personal pickup and delivery service is available upon request.

The digital back-end is powered by a mix of custom built equipment from major manufacturers like Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, HP and Xerox. Multiple backups of photos and project data are stored at all times during the production and editing process. This includes multiple computers utilizing RAID based storage to protect against disk failure. All project photos both edited and unedited are backed up on site and off site during the editing process, and once the projects are completed. Sometimes an extended project such as a weekend theatre performance requires that memory cards be reused. In this case, all data is backed up to our remote facility, an online storage provider, or another form of local storage and tested prior to editing and before the next day's shoot begins.

Limited video services are available including high definition video recording in tape or digtial formats with the final product returned on DVD or in digital format. For video based projects, tapes are digitized immediately at the conclusion of the project, never overwritten or reused, and are stored for an indefinite period of time. Copies of the final DVD are stored indefinitely on DVD and in disc image format for quick duplication and the digitized video is stored for a period of one year. Digital motion picture footage is treated the same as a photograph - the original and final footage will be retained indefinately.

data backup